Class Descriptions


Rise Roots

Rise Roots is our Foundation of Yoga class.  This is a great option for anyone just beginning yoga or brand new to the practice. 

You can expect a slower paced Vinyasa class full of specific instruction and alignment cues.  We will work through basic sun salutations, standing poses, and balancing poses.  We will also touch upon different breathing techniques.  This is the perfect class to build a solid foundation in your yoga practice so that you are ready for any of our classes!

Rise & Flow

Rise & Flow is our signature Vinyasa Yoga class open to all levels of practitioners.  A 60 or 75 minute flow that takes you through a well-rounded sequence moving and breathing at a steady pace.

You can expect sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, and hip and heart openers.  Modifications are offered if you need to scale back and options are given to amp it up with a more challenging version of the pose.  This class is for everyBODY!

Rise Candlelit

In the midst of our fast paced, modern lives, sometimes we just need the time and space to slow down.  Rise Candlelit will give you that opportunity.  

You can expect a slower paced class, spending more time on the floor moving through seated and supine postures. We will also emphasize our breath connection and spend some time in meditation at the beginning and end of class.  We promise you will sleep like a baby after this class! 

This class is taught by different teachers and may vary in style from gentle flow to restorative and/or yin.  It is a great class for ALL levels of yoga practitioners. 

Rise & Shine

Join us for this early morning, 60 minute Rise & Flow class. Wake up by connecting to your breath and your body. Class will move at a steady pace and take you through sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, and hip and heart openers. Leave feeling lighter and ready to take on anything the day throws at you.  *This class requires pre-registration by 8PM the night before.  It will run if there are at least 3 signed up.  You will be notified by 9PM if class is not running.

Rise & Restore

Rise & Restore is the perfect dose of rest and relaxation.  You can expect a gentle sequence of restorative postures, using the support of props.

Spending time deepening the breath and finding stillness you will emerge from this class feeling lighter, calmer, and rejuvenated.

Rise, Flow & Unwind

In this class you can expect 40-50 minutes of a Vinyasa flow followed by some restorative and/or yin postures. The Vinyasa portion is all-levels and moves at a moderate pace to build some heat. From there it moves into a slower, meditative pace to cultivate a deep relaxation. Some classes may include different pranayama practices, mudras, and meditations. The perfect way to unwind and begin your week completely renewed.

Other Services Offered

Corporate Yoga


Are you looking to bring mindfulness in to your workplace?  We have teachers who can come right to your office and teach a 45-60 minute class.  A relaxed and centered employee is a successful employee!

Yoga for Athletes

Owner, Kelsey Sperl, is trained in working with high school and college athletes.  Incorporating yoga in to athletic training has multiple benefits including increasing strength and flexibility, preventing injury, aiding in recovery, and improving focus.  Inquire within about Yoga For Athletes Classes.  

Private Yoga

Inquire within about private yoga instruction at the studio.