Get 2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $29!

We want to make sure we get to know each other before you make a commitment.  That's why we offer all new members an opportunity to take as many classes as they'd like for their first two weeks at the studio.  You will have access to any of our regularly scheduled classes.   Take a look at our FAQ's to be prepared for your first visit.





I would like to come to my first class at Rise, can I just show up or do I need to sign up for class?  

We recommend signing up for class before hand.  You can do so on our schedule page here.  It will prompt you to purchase one of our pricing options.  We offer a New Member Special which is 2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $29.  If you have issues with the online scheduling system, feel free to just show up to class 15 minutes early and we can get you all set up!

I've never tried yoga before.  Which classes would be best for me to attend?
We absolutely love introducing people to yoga for the first time which is why we have options for beginners.  Our Rise Roots class provides a great foundation to begin your yoga practice.  Our Rise & Restore and Rise Candlelit classes are also open to beginners as they are slower moving and provide a nice introduction to a gentle approach to yoga.

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that will move with you.  For women, leggings and a loose tank top.  For men, athletic shorts or pants and a comfortable shirt or tank top.  No shoes, no socks!

What do I bring?
If you have your own yoga mat, great!  If not, we have mats and other props used during class for you to borrow.  And don't forget your h2o!

Should I practice yoga on an empty stomach?
It is recommended that you do not eat two hours before practicing yoga.

Where do I park?
We have a big parking lot and also lots of thriving businesses that share the parking lot!  There should be parking right in front of the studio but if not you can park on the other side of the lot.  Please just refrain from parking in the reserved spots for our neighboring businesses.

Yoga Studio Etiquette

  • Cell Phones & Smart Watches | A few options...leave them in your car, turn them on silent, do not disturb, or off!  Please do not bring cell phones in to the studio.  We also discourage the wear of smart watches in class.  If you must, please make sure they are silenced.
  • Timeliness | Please aim to arrive 10 - 15 minutes before class.  If you arrive late and it is within 5 minutes after the start of class you may come in quietly. We highly discourage leaving class early.  If you must please let the instructor know and leavebefore Savasana.
  • Volume and Conversation | We absolutely love that our community connects with each other before class.  With that said, the studio space is a sacred one and one where some yogis come to find peace and quiet.  Please keep conversation in the studio space short & quiet (a whisper).  If you arrive and there is class in session (the 'shhh yoga in session' sign will be hanging on door) please whisper in the lobby.
  • Signing Up for Class | We ask that you sign up for class before coming.  You can do so on our website here, or even easier download the MindBody app here.  You can still show up and drop in to class, but if it is full those who have signed up will get priority.
  • Checking In | Everyone must stop at the front desk and give your name to be checked in to class.
  • Shoes & Bags | Please leave your shoes and bags in the cubbies and not next to your mat.  
  • Use of Props | We offer mats for you to use at no cost.  In return we ask that you thoroughly clean them after each use and put them back as you found them.  Please fold blankets neatly and put them (along with any other props) back just as you found them.